“Six Strings and a Bottle,” by Swan Workman (A Book Review)

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Six Strings and a Bottle is a quick and wonderful read by Swan Workman which goes hand-in-hand with its corresponding music (as it seems was intended by the author). The writing style is, without a doubt, packed with a skill, sentiment, and eloquence that makes it enticing even on its own.

six strings and a bottle

As for the actual story itself…

I found it to be an extremely interesting experience, especially since the antagonist of the story, “Sarah,” was the person I related to most.

I’ve been Sarah before, and…

I get it.

In fact, I’d even go so far as to say I get her.

Therefore, reading from the perspective of the author, protagonist, and equal but opposite force was really something; I was amazed to discover that Workman helped me to understand the other perspective (one I’ve resisted for years after being a “Sarah” myself) a little bit better than I did before reading Six Strings and a Bottle.

Additionally, I enjoyed the subtle humor, wit, and humanness of this book, as well as all the beer and the author’s journey itself. He achieved a profound amount of growth in just two, very different, somewhat short sections of the same story. His realization of himself as a flawed human being was done in a way that was healthy and mature rather than self-hating. Furthermore, one of his techniques for dealing with his post-breakup angst actually made me laugh out loud.

Workman also managed to redeem Sarah in the end, understanding that she was not a bad person and genuinely wishing her happiness in her life; the two of them just weren’t well-suited for one another, and the author realizes this. I thought this redemption was a highly respectable addition on his part, and I appreciate that he took the trouble to do it after separating himself from the immediacy of their former relationship.

All in all, Six Strings and a Bottle is both a great read and an enjoyable experience.

10/10 would recommend.

six strings and a bottle

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