Baby Teeth 2022 Black-Out Poetry Contest Runner-Up: “Transcript of the Extraterrestrial: English Translation by SPECIMEN #@~//212, 888, 060, 073”

Excited to announce that my piece, titled “Transcript of the Extraterrestrial: English Translation by SPECIMEN #@~//212, 888, 060, 073” is the runner-up for the Baby Teeth Arts 2022 Black-Out Poetry Contest! 🥺🫀✨⭐️👾

While there are numerous ways to read this little sci-fi/pataphysical report of mine, here’s the version I went with for the contest! ⬇️

💜 “In astronomy, the moon was found. A set of 155 nights were eventual because Saturn and Christ liked the name of god. The third time matter settled, Pluto arose as a goddess of wisdom. Unsuitable, THE SOLAR work on the orbit of Pluto 1930 had been high-resolution transfer to obtain a strange image of the night. In an effort to still, the old gods were worn out perturbations of changed mind planet. Planet X, to this end, refused to be a minor planet. Cronos, an eleven-year-old school girl from the Underworld, was the Sun 1. Planetary orbital elements were actual, the sky ascending eccentricity to 200 souls across the underworld. a fault image behind the sky, 155 instances of 1965 tiny masses, much less than the mass required to either Uranus. No one was suitable for a planet so far from Pluto. A star proposed. Pluto found that there was no star in that position. Examining other nights showed a clear indication that it was indeed Christ 1919 in inclination: mass magnitude, distance, and longitude of the ascending Adam. Provisionally 1978P1, Christ was given the honor of naming the mythical river, a suitable companion for the planet which must, by methane ice, noticeably disturb Pluto.” 💜


ilysm baby teeth; thank you for the opportunity! ❤️‍🔥

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