Three Images from the “BLACK MATTER white [noise a c r o s s] TIME[?]” Collection: Published in Gamut Mag’s 1st Issue — “White”

A recent publication of mine! Three Images from the “BLACK MATTER white [noise a c r o s s] TIME[?]” Collection (Digital Image/Text Art: 2022); Published in Gamut Mag for their 1st issue — “White” (2022)


Artist Statement

“The depicted visual poetry images here are from a brand new experimental collection of mine, titled BLACK MATTER white [noise a c r o s s] TIME[?], which is without a doubt, a multilayered examination of how white supremacy has existed throughout, impacted, and continues to exist throughout and impact the passage of “time” in our current played-out scenario. It involves erasure, warping, space, etc. (as enacted not only by the overwhelming nature of human memory as a whole, but also through the utter whitewashing of history) fused with lightly scientific, highly spiritual, and intuitive meta/pataphysical concepts. The work also plays on color theory and technology as they may coincide in our modern-day virtual worlds, the intergenerational trauma as caused by the direct colonization of my ancestors, and our ancient/past/present/and future, ongoing, perpetual universe.”


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