“[Blood] Sodden Anguish/Deathbed Red (Fall 2017 Mood Board)” — 1st published in Survivor Lit

“[Blood] Sodden Anguish/Deathbed Red (Fall 2017 Mood Board)” — a poem (2021) first published in Survivor Lit (2021) & forthcoming in full-length manuscript, Experiments in Quietus (Really Serious Literature, 2023)

[blood] sodden anguish infiltrates interrogates 

fabric dips              dyes flesh scarlet 

towels   rags    already adorn the

floor             design inspo              autumn shade

auburn burgundy           the hues of

after      sapphire runs obscure   sans

sanctum    sliced open blue blood

rinses over oxygen   gaspgasp ruby

red     slick essence   plasma specked

heart milk     artillery     arteries severed

veins plied     contorted      perverted into

themselves      triple-knotted       hurled out into

the universe          carpet bleached clean

deathbed suicide where blood runs


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