Ami J. Sanghvi is an Indian-American, queer author, artist, designer, boxer, Eric Hoffer Book Award finalist, and recent graduate from the California Institute of the Arts Creative Writing M.F.A. program, with a concentration in Image and Text. Additionally, she is the co-founder and co-editor of Gutslut Press. Her work has recently appeared in So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library, Inverted Syntax, Humana Obscura, I Hope You’ll Still Love Me: A South Asian LGBTQIA+ Anthology, Masalazine, and several other publications and exhibitions. Her art and writing are forthcoming in Intangible Magazine, Survivor Lit, Space City Underground, Zindabad Magazine, and The Sacrosanct Collective. Sanghvi is also a photographer for AsianZine. Five of her poems are forthcoming in LUPERCALIApress’s VULCANALIA ’21 anthology, for which she will be a featured author. Her chapbook, [in]transpiring, will be published by Gutslut Press this coming fall.

Currently, she is living in Los Angeles with a focus on autonomy, extraction, space, time, functionality, minimalism, and the subliminal in her writing and visual art practices alike. Sanghvi is also putting the finishing touches on her cross-genre, experimental, multimedia M.F.A. thesis manuscript (titled Into Oblivion), developing an existentially compromised world for her Sad, Lonely Alien through various methods, collaborating on a hybrid experimental collection titled 99: Pink Light Suicide, and deconstructing the literary criticism of J.R.R. Tolkien in order to develop a Science of Wraiths. On the side, she is preparing to re-immerse herself in the Elder Scrolls Online and spend her summer reading books outside in the sun, surrounded by cute desert lizards who may or may not actually be aliens.