Black/Black-Inclusive Non-Profit Organizations for Disabled People

Justin Carpenter (In Need Trans/Disabled NB Artist) | Instagram: @grotessk)

Black/Black-Inclusive Non-Profit Organizations for Disabled People

The National Black Disability Coalition

The Black Disability Collective

The Disability Justice Culture Club

The Disability Justice Mutual Aid Fund

Ramp Your Voice!

HEARD: Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities

The Autistic People of Color Fund

The Disability Visibility Project

Sins Invalid

Pivot Diversity

Women for Political Change (Prioritization of funds for Black Lives and Disabled People)

POOR Magazine

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What Southeast Asian Refugees Owe to Black Lives

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*** Note that this one really could be more politically correct and less centered overall, but it still makes some important points that belong on our list.