Published Writing

A varied, non-comprehensive list of recently published writing.


Viridian” — Intangible Magazine (“Issue 002, Kalopsia,” 2021)

“13-Point Professional Robotic Distortion: A Quest Narrative” — Bullshit Magazine (2021)

“Excerpt from The Science of Wraiths” — The Sacrosanct Collective (2021)

“Aaria” — I Hope You’ll Still Love Me: An LGBTQIA+ South Asian Anthology (2021)


“[De]Composition” — Fifth Wheel Press (“FLUX” Anthology, 2022)

“I am the sacrifice,” “FABULOUS EROTIC ASPYXIATION,” & “My Baby’s Blood is Metallic (In the Fun, Delicious Way)” — LUPERCALIApress (VULCANALIA ’21 Anthology, 2021)

“Him with the [Actual] Slurpable Eyes” & “[First, We Are] Severely Hot, But Doomed is What We Aim For (On)” — LUPERCALIApress (VULCANALIA ’21 Anthology, 2021)

“{-}” — Limeoncello Magazine (“Fire,” 2021)

Stupid Milk” — Survivor Lit (2021)

“[Blood] Sodden Anguish/Deathbed Red (Fall 2017 Moodboard)” — Survivor Lit (2021)

“Poetic Prelude” & “Demonic Homecoming Dance” — Corporeal Lit (“Issue 001,” 2021)

“In Reverence of My Grandparents” — Zindabad Magazine (“Issue 002: Aunty Issues, 2021)

“[Now, We Are] Severely Doomed, but Hot is What We Aim For (Introducing My/The Sad, Lonely Alien//Also for My ‘Alsos’ and One ‘Also As’)” — Veranda Writers (“Masalazine,” 2021)

“Reap[ed] Embodiment” — warning lines magazine (“FALL’N CHERUB,” 2021)

“American Pulp Fiction” — So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library (“No. 9,” 2020)


Three Pieces from “BLACK MATTER white [noise a c r o s s] TIME[?]” — The Gamut Mag (“Issue One: White,” 2022)

“The Loveliest Place on Earth” — Voidspace Zine (“Issue 001,” 2022)

“Monochromatic Oblivion: Fractalization (A Continuum)” — Smoke and Mold Magazine (“The Hurricane Issue,” 2021)

“A Fleeting Moment, A Sudden Death, A [Self-Induced, Monochromatic Whirlpool]” — Fatal Flaw Magazine (“Time,” 2021)

“[IN]TRANSPIRING: A PSYCHOSOMATIC [RE-]GLITCH[ING]” — The Disappointed Housewife (Graphic Poetry, 2021)


“The Affliction of Romance: SeeYou[InMySadLittleSceneAlienBoyHeart]SpaceCowboy<3” — HyphenPunk Magazine (“Issue 002,” 2021)

Review: Jared Povanda’s ‘Hot Blood, Cold Snow’” — Wrongdoing Magazine (2021)

“Review: 婕 Venus Cohen’s ‘Dorian Dyes His Hair'” — Wrongdoing Magazine (2021)

“How to write the worst tweets EVER and sabotage your chances of getting an agent or publishing deal” — Chaotic Merge Magazine (2021)

“5 instances in Vita Nuova where Dante proved his Venus was in Leo (with modern-day translations)” — Chaotic Merge Magazine (2021)

“The Cycle of Embers” — The Showbear Family Circus (Article, 2020)