NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: In Residuum (Kith Books ‘23)

My latest full-length, In Residuum, arrives February 20th from Kith Books! 💜 For those who like discounts, pre-orders are open RIGHT NOW at 💜✨🔪 In Residuum is a collection of texts built from the frantically gathered residue of thoughts, drafts, literature, lost family history, the darkness and emptiness that tend to replace suppressed memories, [...]

“baby ur a PIECEofWORK” Digital Book (Gutslut Press ‘22) — Free to Download Thru November 26th

BABY UR A PIECEOFWORK, AN ORIGINAL COLLECTION OF EXPERIMENTAL, HYBRID VISPO, POETRY, & PROSE BY AMI (AKA @HOTWRAITHBONES)—CW: death, state-sanctioned violence, state-sanctioned murder, state-sanctioned rape, state-sanctioned torture, state-sanctioned racism, state-sanctioned ableism, state-sanctioned queerphobia, state-sanctioned transphobia, state-sanctioned white, supremacy, state-sanctioned patriarchy, genocide, colonization, police, abortion, blood, gore graphic violence, suicidal ideation, profanity, explicit sexual content, sexual [...]