NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: In Residuum (Kith Books ‘23)

My latest full-length, In Residuum, arrives February 20th from Kith Books! 💜 For those who like discounts, pre-orders are open RIGHT NOW at 💜✨🔪 In Residuum is a collection of texts built from the frantically gathered residue of thoughts, drafts, literature, lost family history, the darkness and emptiness that tend to replace suppressed memories, [...]

“baby ur a PIECEofWORK” Digital Book (Gutslut Press ‘22) — Free to Download Thru November 26th

BABY UR A PIECEOFWORK, AN ORIGINAL COLLECTION OF EXPERIMENTAL, HYBRID VISPO, POETRY, & PROSE BY AMI (AKA @HOTWRAITHBONES)—CW: death, state-sanctioned violence, state-sanctioned murder, state-sanctioned rape, state-sanctioned torture, state-sanctioned racism, state-sanctioned ableism, state-sanctioned queerphobia, state-sanctioned transphobia, state-sanctioned white, supremacy, state-sanctioned patriarchy, genocide, colonization, police, abortion, blood, gore graphic violence, suicidal ideation, profanity, explicit sexual content, sexual [...]

“— Soft-Skin Darlings of the Tundra (2),”

Prose: "— Soft-Skin Darlings of the Tundra (2)," by Ami petals plucked off are reutilized, revitalized by the destitute for non-demonic self-asphyxiation. For devils, rose spines are always being planted beneath tender prints of earthly inebriation. Thornmilk, meanwhile, is never as nourishing as they lead you to believe. It pulps lucid on each victim’s bottom [...]

“— Soft-Skin Darlings of the Tundra (1),” Prose Published in Vallum Mag (19:2 | OPEN THEME 2022)

Prose: "— Soft-Skin Darlings of the Tundra (1)," by Ami, Published in Vallum Mag (19:2 | OPEN THEME 2022) a when is [human] only when still/“alive” to the naked eye. Our menace’s specter-rose rise-rises poetic, enveloped by sweet-tooth/teethed fiends of possibility, non-noxious toxicity. Sure, writing about others — those choking, loathing others — is a [...]

“baby ur a PIECEofWORK” (OUT NOW<3)

{nervous shuffling} um hi my new digital book "baby ur a PIECEofWORK" is now available via Gutslut Press for $1 (ONE FUCKING DOLLAR) today & um it's a real PIECEofWORK (on how badly the US sucks). Basically we figured we'd set off our own fireworks this 4th of July 🎇 more info//get ur copy HERE!!!<3

“The Affliction of Romance: SeeYou[InMySadLittleSceneAlienBoyHeart]SpaceCowboy<3” — Music Review

"The Affliction of Romance:SeeYou[InMySadLittleSceneAlienBoyHeart]SpaceCowboy<3" A Music Review, First Published in Hyphenpunk (2021) Rather than collapsing into the space of forgotten-about relics immediately uponconception, scene-revival band "SeeYouSpaceCowboy" delivers the much-needed grand finale to yet another apocalyptic year: their newest album, The Romance of Affliction. This new release includes features from Keith Buckley of "Every Time I [...]